Goal 15 – Life on Land

Our forests are the lungs of the earth. We’re cutting down fewer trees today than we have in the past, but it’s still having a devastating effect on people, animals and our climate too.

Mountains and coasts are also under threat because land there is being exploited – causing droughts and floods which in turn lead to food and water shortages.

This goal is about looking after the land we live on, as well as the plants and animals who call those places home. Not just because we should preserve the natural beauty and diversity of our planet, but because as humans we rely on the natural world for our very survival.

Facts and figures


409,650 ha or 2.38% per year of forest is lost (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2011)


Nigeria has 1417 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles according to figures (World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 2004)


Agriculture contributes 20.48% to the country’s GDP annually (Nigeria Data Portal, 2016)


3.5% of forest species found in Nigeria are threatened with extinction (FAO, 2016)
UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Goal 2 Zero Hunger
Goal 3 Good Health and Well Being
Goal 4 Quality Education
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Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
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Goal 15 Live on Land
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