Goal 13 – Climate Action

Climate change is hitting developing countries the hardest, even though they have contributed the least to its causes. Droughts, floods, rising sea levels and extreme weather disasters are causing food shortages, destroying homes and claiming lives in some of the poorest places in the world.

This goal is about making sure developing countries get the help they urgently need to adapt to our changing climate. But it’s also about all of us doing more to tackle climate change. Every country needs to work through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and keep their climate promises.

Our planet’s ability to sustain life is incredible, and if we act now, we can protect it for future generations.

Facts and figures

490 metric tonnes

Nigeria is responsible for 490 metric tonnes of GHG emissions (CO2 equivalent) annually (The Republic, 2018)


441,251 are affected annually due to incidents of flooding across coastal cities (NEMA, 2018)


The current temperature increase in Nigeria is 20.89degree Celsius, contributing to grain yields decline by about 5 percent (The World Bank, 2011).
UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Goal 2 Zero Hunger
Goal 3 Good Health and Well Being
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Goal 13 Climate Action
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