ReBuffet Lagos is the idea of redistributing leftover food, from hotel and restaurant buffets, to some of the poorest people in Lagos.

The concept is simple and easy to apply. The contributing hotels and restaurants don’t have to make any effort, beside packing and putting the leftover food aside from same days buffet tables, instead of throwing it out.

In cooperation with Lagos Food Bank Initiative Anawake foundation will provide the contributing kitchens with meal sized take-away boxes for food packaging, and every day a volunteer from ReBuffet Lagos will come to pick the packed food and redistribute it among the less privileged people in Lagos.

In return the contributors will be able to use the involvement with ReBuffet Lagos in their own corporate social responsibility branding, to make customers and employees proud of supporting and working for them.

Every day good food is wasted, while the less fortunate go hungry to bed. We do not intend to delay this initiative but will grow it little by little, as more restaurants and volunteers will join the cause.

We believe that the initiative will be well received, and we expect the media to be eager to follow the growth of the movement. Being among the first contributors will enlarge the contributor’s chances for some positive advertisement in relation to the project.

As things grow larger and more structured, we will seek to establish a network between the contributors with intern events and competitions rewarded with improved advertising on AnAwake foundation’s website and social media platforms, as well as in conventional media.

Join the cause for a more equate world, starting outside your own doorstep.

Contact us on +234 806 328 9956 or WhatsApp +45 50 73 79 84 To book a meeting with one of ReBuffet Lagos’s founding members, who will come out to explain more and give the possibility to sign up as a contributor.
You can contact us on the same number if you wish to volunteer as a distributor in your own area.