Mushin Outreach – by Lagos Food Bank Initiative

Lagos Food Bank Initiative is an established NGO, who raises funds for food, medication, shoes and clothes to underprivileged people in Lagos during monthly events. They have a massive network of about 5.000 registered volunteers.

On the 15th of October 2018 AnAwake Foundation donated to an LFBI outreach for Mushin community in Lagos, and went to join the volunteer workforce in distributing medicine, food, shoes and clothes.


AnAwake Foundation are also partnering with LFBI for another project in the making. A concept by the name ReBuffet Lagos, where volunteers will pick excess food from the hotel buffets every evening, to redistribute among the needy in the nearby communities. You can read more about Lagos Food Bank Initiative and donate directly to their monthly outreaches HERE and you can read more about the ReBuffet Lagos initiative HERE