Anawake Legal Assistance Program

66% of Nigerian inmates have not seen a judge. Many are jailed for minor offences and have often by far exceeded their punishment, but remains in jail, because of missing funds for legal assistance.

It is well known in Nigeria that some police officers misuse their authority and make up offences to blackmail people for bribes. There are cases of innocent people who can’t afford these bribes, and as a result are thrown to jail. Often their families don’t even know they are there.

ALAP is an AnAwake initiated cooperation of lawyers volunteering to offer legal assistance to get innocent people, or people who have endured the punishment equivalent to their crime, back out to reintegrate and contribute to the community. We will also strive to prosecute cases of power abuse, to put an end to corruption.

Beside the law firms, we are working together with other NGO’s and religious institutions that have charitable activities in the prisons, and have an insight in the nature and the cases of the inmates, to help us filter the cases, in order for the lawyers to spend their time as efficiently as possible.

Any Lawyer Firm or prison related NGO whom wish to join our cause can contact us on

Phone: +234 806 328 9956
WhatsApp: +45 50737984


Current partners:

  • OakHills Barristers & Solicitors
  • The elevation church prison outreach program