About us

An Awake Foundation

The purpose of the organization is to raise awareness about the social and environmental challenges we face in Nigeria and globally, to find and educate about impactful, innovative solutions for these, and to raise and distribute corporate funds and private donations, in order to increase the standard of public utilities in Nigeria and abroad, according to UN’s sustainable development goals.

Aims and Objectives

Point 1. The foundation will actively find, and receive suggestions for, specific sustainable development projects in Nigeria, in need of counseling and/or funding.

Point 2. The foundation will adopt or reject suggested projects, based on their relevance, impact and whether the organization has the time and/or financial surplus to provide efficient support.

Point 3. The foundation will aid the accepted cases with counseling and/or funds.

Point 4. The foundation will raise attention towards the impact of our projects, in order to inspire others to adopt our innovative solution models and create positive publicity for our corporate sponsors, thus making it attractive for enterprises to donate a part of their profit for our cases.

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